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Speedex Top Sport

Speedex Top Sport is an energy-rich feed developed for competition horses in hard training.

Speedex Top Sport contains 12.5 MJ/kg of energy. The main sources of energy are domestic cereals: oats, barley and some wheat.

The feed contains 100 g digestible crude protein per kilogram, its protein content is broad and comes from many good sources. Domestic potato protein and linseed crush provide a lot of protein, and the amino acids lysine and methionine are also added to the mixture.

Speedex Top Sport contains a new raw material in the form of beetroot powder. Beetroot is known as a health food and it contains, among other things, lots of antioxidants. Beetroot is generally used to promote endurance and recovery. Beetroot also adds extra palatability to the feed.

Speedex Top Sport has a high content of minerals and vitamins. Some of the trace elements are in organic Bioplex-chelate form. Bioplex-chelates are better absorbed, they are stored in the body's tissues and can be easily used as needed.

Speedex Top Sport contains many feed technologies, such as live yeast Yea-Sacc, gut-improving Bio-Mos and the mycotoxin binder Mycosorb A+. These feed technologies support the well-being of the horse, and a healthy horse performs better in both training and competition


Feed advice:
Competition horses: 2.5-4 kg/day (4-6 liters/day)

Liter weight: 650 g

Oats, barley, beet pulp, grass meal, pressed rapeseed, linseed cake, liquid molasses, rapeseed oil, potato protein, beetroot powder, salt, premix, monocalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, lysine, methionine, Mycosorb A+®, Yea-Sacc®, Bio-Mos®, Sel-Plex®, Bioplex®, flavor.

25 kg bag and 600 kg pallet