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Speedex Easy

Speedex Easy is feed composed of high fiber-containing raw materials, which makes coarse feed-based feeding more versatile.

Grass pellets, beet pulp, oatmeal and wheat bran are raw materials that are palatable to the horse and easily digestible for the horse.

Speedex Easy contains 10 MJ / kg dm and digestible crude protein 85 g / kg. The content of easily soluble carbohydrates is very low:

  • starch 5%
  • sugar 5%

Speedex Easy is suitable for horses, to whom you want to limit the amount of starch and sugar.

The following ingredients are included in Speedex Easy for gut function support

  • Linseed cake that has traditionally been added to horse rations
  • BIO-MOS® yeast preparation that strengthens the immune system
  • YEA-SACC® (Saccharomyces cerevisiae CBS 493.94) live yeast active in the hindgut. YEA-SACC® provides more efficient fibre digestion and better absorption of nutrients. It also reduces the risk of microbial disturbances.
  • Speedex Easy contains the important minerals and vitamins in an easily absorbable form. Some of the selenium and trace elements are added as SEL-PLEX® and as BIOPLEX® chelates for optimum absorption. 
  • Speedex Easy also contains MYCOSORB A + ® to mitigate the effects of any mycotoxins.

The equine digestive system is adapted to extract energy from fibrous feeds. The well-being of the horse depends on fibre-degrading microbes found in the hindgut.  Good roughage contains fibres that maintain a healthy microbial fermentation.

Feed advice:

  • Horses in competition, 3-4kg/day (4,5-6,0 liters/day)
  • Horses in light work, 2-3 kg/day (3,0-4,5 liters/day)
  • Ponnies, 1-2 kg/day (1,5-3,0 liter/day)