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Speedex Mineral Balancer

Speedex Mineral Balancer is a mineral supplement feed with high vitamin- and mineral content. It is a grain-free feed, and it doesn’t contain any yeast.

Speedex Mineral Balancer is a concentrated vitamin and mineral mix and it has a low starch and sugar content. In this way, it does not give the horse extra energy, which makes it suitable for horses on a strict diet.

Speedex Mineral Balancer is also grain-free and contains no yeast. It is suitable for horses to whom you want to limit the amount of grain, e.g. due to allergy.

Speedex Mineral Balancer is a concentrated mix and grass meal and beet pulp work like carriers in the mix. It has a high vitamin content, and it contains a particularly high amount of biotin, which affects the quality of the hooves and hair coat.

Speedex Mineral Balancer contains Bioplex® trace elements in chelated form. Organic Bioplex® trace elements are well absorbed, stored in the body and can be easily used when needed.


3 kg or 12 kg

Liter weight:

840 g


Calcium carbonate, beet pulp, grass meal, premix, magnesium oxide, monocalcium phosphate, salt, vegetable oil, liquid molasses, Bioplex®, biotin premix, vitamin E


Horses 550 kg: 100 g/pv
Pony 300 kg: 50 g/pv

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