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About Speedex

Herr Burman

Horse feed from a Finnish family company

Speedex-horsefeed is manufactured by the feed factory Feedex.

Feedex is a family business in Ostrobothnia that has been manufacturing agricultural feed for over 30 years. The idea of a horse feed of our own was born when we realized that within the organization and among our suppliers we had a great interest and know-how in horse feeding. So, in the fall of 2012, Speedex-horsefeed was launched!

We set ourselves the goal of developing a feed series, whose main task is to ensure that the horse is well. It is particularly important to have a digestive system, which works without disturbance, and a strong immune system. This is where the Speedex-feeds can be of great use. The raw materials are carefully selected. They must fit the horse's gastrointestinal system and be easily absorbed. A healthy horse performs better during both training and competition.

Speedex follows the research on horse feeding around the world. By participating in international conferences and events, we have succeeded in creating a large network, which allows us to offer a lot of information to horse owners.