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Speedex No Grain

a grain-free feed

  • fiber rich
  • low starch and sugar content
  • does not contain any yeast

Speedex No Grain is suitable for horses on a feed state where you want to limit the amount of grain (e.g. due to allergies).

Speedex No Grain is a complementary feed composed of high-fiber raw materials, which makes a forage-based feeding more versatile. Grass meal and sugar beet pulp are feed materials that are palatable to the horse and easily digested. Linseed cake also supplies important fatty acids.

Speedex No Grain contains Bioplex trace elements in chelated form. The function of trace elements in metabolism can be compared to spark plugs. They are small, but important nutrients, and affect many processes and the entire well-being of the horse.

Organic Bioplex trace elements are well absorbed, stored in the body and can be easily used when needed. Speedex No Grain does not contain yeast or products derived from yeast.

Feed advice:

Performance horses: 3-4 kg/day (4.5-6.0 liters/day)
In light work: 2-3 kg/day (3.0-4.5 liters/day)
Ponies: 1-2 kg/day (1.5-3.0 liters/day)

We recommend mixing the feed with water before feeding if the horse has a tendency to eat its feed quickly/voraciously.


Grass meal, sugar beet pulp, molasses, linseed cake, vegetable oil, rapeseed meal, premix, calcium carbonate monocalcium phosphate, salt, magnesium oxide, Bioplex®, flavor

Weight per liter: 580 g
Structure: pellet
Packaging: 25 kg bag