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Speedex Mash

an easily digestible feed

  • promotes water intake
  • faster recovery
  • low sugar and starch content

Speedex Mash is made of high-fiber raw materials such as wheat bran, grass meal and linseed cake to promote the gut function. Linseed cake also supplies important fatty acids. Speedex Mash contains steam cooked barley, which is an easily digestible source of energy and contributes to faster recovery. Speedex Mash also contains Bio-Mos® which strengthens the immune system of the horse.

Speedex Mash has a low sugar and starch content. Only salt and a little calcium have been added to the feed to balance the phosphorus content. Therefore, Speedex Mash can be given without affecting the mineral balance in the feeding.

Feed advice:

To increase the water intake of the horse:
Mix 2-4 dl Speedex Mash with 10-15 liters of hot or cold water. Stir well and leave to infuse for approx. 15 min before feeding.

Traditional mash-mix
The desired amount of Speedex Mash (0.5–2 liters) is mixed with double the amount of water. Stir well and leave to infuse for about 15 minutes before feeding.

Speedex Mash is given fresh and the feed cup is cleaned after feeding.


Steam cooked barley, wheat bran, sugar beet pulp, grass meal, linseed cake, vegetable oil, calcium carbonate, salt, Bio-Mos®, flavor

Weight per liter: 530 g
Structure: Meal
Packaging: 20 kg bag