Speedex horse feeds

Speedex horse feeds are specially formulated by experts to achieve a balanced horse diet. Our main aim is to provide the nutritional essentials needed to manintain a healthy horse for training and performance.  A healthy horse needs a well-functioning digestive system and a strong immune system. The Speedex range has a lot to contribute to this.

Speedex Complete

Speedex Complete is a well balanced mix of protein and energy. It includes grass meal, linseed, live yeast and high fibre content to promote gut health. Doesn't contain any oats.

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Speedex Grow

Speedex Grow is a feed with well balanced energy and protein content. It is produced from feed materials that promote bowel function. The protein content has been supplemented with amino acids and a part of the energy comes from oats.

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Speedex Mineral

Speedex Mineral is a daily supplement to ensure the horse receives enough essential mineral nutrients.

The trace elements in Speedex Mineral are BIOPLEX®-chelates that supply the horse with trace elements in a form as close to nature as possible.

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Speedex Royal

Speedex Royal is a energy-rich complementary feed for horses. Mixed in a ratio of 50/50 Speedex Royal and grain provides an optimum feed concentrate including essential nutrients to complement basic roughage.

Speedex Royal with the mycotoxin binder MYCOSORB A+®!

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Speedex Future

Speedex Future is a balanced protein complementary feed for young, growing horses and for pregnant and lactating mares and for performance horses in hard training. It’s also suitable for all horses as a complement to a poor protein level in forage.


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